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inderal or drip, which is carried out by airborne droplets, Fecal-oral, sold by alimentary, water and contact-household means. Viruses parasitize the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract and small intestine. The capillaries of the mucosa expand, the submucosa hypertrophies, it is infiltrated with leukocytes, and pinpoint hemorrhages appear. Clinically, these processes are manifested by inflammation of the pharynx, tonsils, conjunctiva, intestines.
Depending on the cause of occurrence, agranulocytosis can develop acutely and violently (acute radiation sickness, haptenic agranulocytosis) or gradually (chronic poisoning with benzene, mercury, agranulocytosis with metastatic bone marrow lesions).


Buy propranolol pills Online If necessary, according to standard schemes, detoxification therapy is prescribed, anemia, hemorrhagic syndrome and other associated disorders are corrected. Severe leukopenia and agranulocytosis are an indication for the termination of radiotherapy and therapeutic intake of cytostatics. If you suspect drug agranulocytosis caused by drugs that do not have a direct myelotoxic effect, you should immediately stop taking them.

In case of timely withdrawal of the drug that caused a decrease in the level of granulocytes, a fairly rapid restoration of the normal state of peripheral blood is possible. Creation of conditions for complete sterility in acute agranulocytosis.


Treatment and prevention of propranolol complications in agranulocytosis. For the treatment and prevention of propranolol complications in agranulocytosis, antibiotics are used that do not have a myelotoxic effect. Prophylactic antibiotic therapy is carried out with a decrease in the level of leukocytes to 1 × 109 cells per 1 μl, and below. In the presence of diabetes mellitus, chronic pyelonephritis or other serious foci of internal infection, prophylactic administration of antibiotics is also prescribed at higher leukocyte counts in the blood (1 - 1.5 × 109 cells per 1 μl).

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    As a rule, 1-2 broad-spectrum antibiotics are used for prophylaxis in medium doses, intravenously or intramuscularly. For the treatment of infectious complications of agranulocytosis, 2-3 broad-spectrum antibiotics are used in maximum doses, which are administered orally (intravenously or intramuscularly). In addition, as a rule, non-absorbable (not absorbed into the blood) antibiotics are prescribed for oral administration to suppress the intestinal microflora.

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    Therapeutic and inderal antibiotic therapy is carried out until the state of agranulocytosis is exited. In this case, the course of treatment is supplemented with antifungal drugs (nystatin, levorin).

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    Often in the complex therapy of agranulocytosis, immunoglobulin and antistaphylococcal plasma are used.

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    Kostmann's syndrome, or childhood genetically determined agranulocytosis, is the most severe form of genetic neutropenia. The disease is transmitted in an autosomal recessive manner (both parents are usually healthy, but they are carriers of the pathological gene).



In some cases, the pathology is combined with mental retardation, microcephaly (small head size) and short stature. The mechanism of development of agranulocytosis is not fully understood. It was found that neutropenia is caused by impaired maturation of the neutrophil precursor cell. However, what exactly caused the defect is still unknown.

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